We Are Cre8 Direct

A family of highly qualified factories in China and Vietnam producing a wide variety of product categories for top brands and retailers at the best possible cost, Cre8 Direct provides value-added service to our customers with design and innovation centers in China and USA.

About us

We design, develop, source, produce and sell products around the world. Our factories manufacture thousands of different product types each year to support the individual merchandising needs of our customers. Our primary product lines span a vast number of categories including stationery, storage, office supplies, scrap-booking & photo albums, paper crafting, art supplies, party, D.lY, dated goods, greeting cards, gift bags, home decor, and children's crafts. We are an industry leader in the production of journals, sketchbooks, and stationery...


Vietnam factory

Located in Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam.
Close to Ho Chi Ming city.
Established in 2019
510,000 sq ft
800+ Employees


Ningbo factory

Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.
Close to Ningbo Port.
Established in 2001
297,000 sq ft
350+ Employees


Anhui factory

Located in Chuzhou, Anhui, China.
Close to Nanjing Port.
Established in 2012
1.4 Million sq ft
800+ Employees


Safety & Quality Control

Product Safety and Quality are a top priority for Cre8 Direct.  We measure our quality performance carefully and have a company-wide commitment to ensuring corrective actions and continuous improvement. Cre8 Direct follows all necessary laws and regulations and strives to follow best manufacturing practices. We are ISO9001 certified and have current factory audit tests from clients such as Walmart, Target, Disney, BSCI, etc.


Equipment & Capabilites

We invest heavily in our automation to keep our capabilities and machinery world class.  We develop and customize highly efficient machinery on our production lines for specific product categories. In addition to automated production lines, our factories have strong capabilities for special treatments such as foil, glitter, spot UV, embossing, flocking, chalkboard coating, etc…