Dunhua City Market Supervision Bureau to carry out school around the "protection of seedlings" special action

In order to highlight the protection of minors, and to create a safe and healthy environment for minors to live and study, the Dunhua Market Supervision Administration carried out publicity and inspection actions around schools to protect minors.
Law enforcement officers in the school around the typing and copying society, stationery shops, supermarkets and other key areas, to strengthen the minors to carry out "bottomless marketing" supervision and inspection, and severely investigated and dealt with by the lottery game sales of "three-free" products illegal behaviour. With a focus on stationery shops, kiosks and other places of business around campuses, the company has urged sellers to implement a system of inspection and acceptance of purchases, check the certificates of conformity and other markings of the products they sell, and strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of children's toys and student products. The focus was on checking whether traders were selling substandard goods such as stationery, toys, posters, jewellery and "three-nos" products that were scary, vulgar, contained inappropriate innuendos and were counterfeit.

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