Jiangxi Huichang carries out special inspection of children's cosmetics around schools

In order to regulate the operation of children's cosmetics around the campus, to protect the quality and safety of children's cosmetics, recently, Jiangxi Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Huichang County Market Supervision Bureau carried out a special inspection of children's cosmetics around the campus.

The Bureau of this special inspection to campus around the stationery shop, toy shops and other business places as the focus, the inspection object for the skin, hair, nails, lips and other children's cosmetics, focusing on checking whether there is the use of children's toys (stationery) packaging sales of cosmetics, ordinary cosmetics pretend to be children's cosmetics, whether there is the "three-free" products and expired cosmetics, false advertising and other illegal acts. and expired cosmetics, false propaganda and other illegal acts, check the implementation of the cosmetics purchase inspection system, children's cosmetics whether there is a "small gold shield" logo. At the same time, issued to the operator of the "supervision and management of children's cosmetics regulations", "cosmetic supervision and management of informational letter" and other promotional materials, urging operators to fulfil their main responsibilities in accordance with the law. So far, the Bureau checked 21 business units.

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