Good News! Ningbo Stationery Industry Association Member Enterprises Listed in "Ningbo Economic Oscars" Many Lists

On the morning of 26th April, 2024 Ningbo Entrepreneurship and Innovation List released 32 sets of important awards, including 11 international and domestic key awards and 21 municipal key awards.

  This list, known as "Ningbo Economic Oscar", has been released for 19 consecutive years. The list has gradually expanded from the initial industrial list to cover various fields such as scientific and technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, modern services, open economy, future industries, culture and tourism, green and low-carbon, rural revitalisation, etc. It has become a wind vane for promoting high-quality development in Ningbo, a main position for promoting entrepreneurial spirit, and a stage for stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation.

  Ningbo Stationery Industry Association Honorary Chairman Beifa Group Co., Ltd, Vice Chairman Deli Group Co., Ltd, Guangbo Group Co., Ltd, Ningbo Meibo Import & Export Co., Ltd, Ningbo Chuangyuan Culture Development Co.

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